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You Were Made for More - Video
  • Unleash Your Mind for More

    "When we step into God’s service, we step into service focusing on the whole of humanity and all life on Earth. This is what is meant by serving the One Presence. God’s “super” is added to our “natural” and truly we can do supernatural things. When we do this together we bend the path of humanity. Indeed this is what is happening right now." - Steve Farrell "The measure of who we... Continue Reading!

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  • Food, Culture & Love


    Have you ever heard the saying, "food is love"? For me those words did not ring true - until recently. You see I've lived most of my life with food allergies and restrictions, to the point where I began to feel that food was my enemy. Sometimes I would ask God, "Why did you make it so we have to eat when eating can cause weight problems and sickness?" I had food problems right from birth, and... Continue Reading!

  • Science and God – What do we really know?

    8. andromeda-11004_640

    Curious occurrence: I was searching our archives to see what we've published under the topic Science & God. Then I just happened to visit our Facebook page and saw that there was a message from Andy Shoultz. The message simply said: "How about this?" and there was a link: ‘Science shattered’: Hand of God suddenly revealed?. Thanks for reading my mind Andy. The Principle Movie If you... Continue Reading!

  • It’s Your Move

    Our series, “You were made for more” is the perfect opportunity to talk about what matters in life. Thinking about what matters most immediately boils the conversation down to two things. I know that seems ridiculous because there are so many things in life that are important….where we live, our career; creating wealth, discovering a new wonder drug, or writing the next song. All these... Continue Reading!

  • Three Questions No One Asks Out Loud

    Disappointment With God by Philip Yancey

    Disappointment With God -  By Philip Yancey A Book Review Many people turn away from the idea of God, or a creator, because they have questions that have not been sufficiently answered. Even more turn away from organized religion because their religion has only offered insufficient answers. It's not surprising considering that God is invisible and the universe we live in came into existance... Continue Reading!